Saturday, January 21, 2012

Just delivered!

Last week, as I drove to my son's school for afternoon pick up, I caught an interview with Dori Greenspan on NPR. Mrs. Greenspan was discussing, among other things, a blog called Tuesdays with Dorie that started with one woman, Laurie and her desire to bake her way through Mrs. Greenspan's book, From My Home to Yours. Four years later and a larger circle of bakers and they had worked their way through all of the recipes. I was so excited to hear about it, but sad I missed out on an opportunity to join in until it was announced that this group of bloggers/bakers was going to give it another go with "Baking with Julia," another of Mrs. Greenspan's books. One hour later, I had ordered my book and decided that I was going to join. The book arrived today and I squealed when I looked at it. The last Tuesdays with Dorie challenge took four years! I thumbed through the book and wondered how long this will take and where this little adventure is going to take me. So here we go, I am MissyMey. I am a happy wife, a mom to three little boys and a bird dog and I like to bake.

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