Sunday, April 1, 2012

Going Green: Resusable Shopping Bags

We've been green for a while now but one of my resolutions this year was to go even greener by attempting to get to a zero waste life. I don't think we will get there (zero waste) but I know that the steps we take to try will have an impact. First thing first. I decided to become militant about reusable shopping bags. We have the larger shopping bags from Whole Foods but half the time they were left at home or in the car. The bigger challenge is actually remembering to use the bags and we gave it a disciplined and strong go for two months before it became second nature to us. I wanted to reduce even more waste and ordered some of these to use for our fruits and vegetables.
They have been great and have sped up my shopping since I no longer have to hunt down the plastic bag dispensers. The boys even fight to take the bags into the store. The moment that I knew I could write about this being a success was when my husband used them on his grocery run.

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